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Weighing In, Working Out: Week 1

Weighing In, Working Out
Aaron and I have been up in the gym working on our fitness for a couple of weeks.  I have finally found some motivation and I’m working on losing these pounds I gained back over the last six months (almost 30 of them–but who’s counting?).  The struggle is real.

fitness ecard
I’ve been dealing with some health problems since September which contributed to my depression and put a halt to my running. I have seen a doctor but haven’t gotten a diagnosis or reason for my problems so I’m playing around with my diet to see if I can pinpoint something I’m eating that may be causing it.  If it doesn’t clear up over the next few months I’m going to have to see a specialist.  I’m praying I can fix it on my own.

Anyhoodle…Aaron and I are committed this time.  Fo’ reals.  I’m tired of yo-yoing and as he says, he’s tired of being fat.  We have both given up soda, he’s given up McDonald’s (almost) and we have started working out with my true and faithful trainer/nutritionist friend, Joanna.  She is weighing and measuring us monthly and doing a training session with us.  We will then take what she gives us and do that twice a week for a month until we see her again.  On the in between days we are to get in at least two days of cardio.

Our first session was brutal.  Really.  Brutal.  I haven’t been going hard at the gym at all for months because I just haven’t felt well.  I was amazed at how much my strength and endurance has suffered.  I know it’ll come back but it is depressing to see how deconditioned I’ve gotten.

I am going to start posting our updates on Wednesdays.  I’ll be posting what we did for our workouts and once a month I’ll post our weights (eek).  I don’t rely much on the scale anymore but I am finally at a point where I can view it soley as a tool.  I just want my clothes to fit again and I want my endurance, strength and confidence back!  And I want to be able to run another 13.1 miles this year!

Weighing In

We had our first official weigh in last week.  I started the year at 211 and last week I weighed in at 207.  (That hurts to write consdering a year ago I was holding steady at around 185.)  Total Loss:  4 pounds

Aaron started the year at 274.2 and weighed in at 272.2 last week.  Total Loss: 2 pounds

Combined Loss:  6 pounds

Working Out

Our goal for the next month is to do a tabata workout twice a week and cardio twice a week.  Most of the time we will be doing the tabata workouts together.  We went on Monday night and both had improvement from last week!


Aaron at gym
I think he sweat Batman this time.
gym tabata
Our tabata recording sheets. We’ll explain more about this next week!

The hardest part for me will be getting in my cardio. I’m struggling with time issues–homeschooling, teaching yearbook, church, and kid activities were filling up my schedule and then to top it all off…I was chosen to serve on our county’s grand jury twice a month for the next YEAR. I’m going to have to sit down and do some serious time management this week to get myself back on track!

Here’s to a great healthy week!  Here is one last piece of advice for the week:

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3 thoughts on “Weighing In, Working Out: Week 1

  1. Laura, I am so proud of you and Aaron. I have enjoyed my arrival home a little much and am slowly gettin my focus back. I love reading your blog. Keep it up.

  2. Oh my! You are brave!! My goal is to lose weight this year as well. I have gained around 10 lbs since last year and have fought for all three pounds I’ve lost since Christmas. I can’t stay motivated at all…. I’ll be following your progress. Are you using anything to help count calories?
    Misty (from Blogging Homeschoolers)

    1. I sporadically use My Fitness Pal. I REALLY need to be more consistent with it. I decided to do another Advoocare Cleanse starting this week so I’ll definitely start tracking again! I have my next weigh in around February 16 or so. EEK!

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