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My Daughter is 13, I’m Almost 40 and I’m Actually Okay with It

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I come from a family of shorties. My Granny was 5 foot tall on a good day and I’ve been able to look my daddy in the eye since I was 14 years old. My husband comes from a family of giants. He is 6’1 barefoot and everyone in his family towers over me by at least four inches. My oldest and youngest daughters have been blessed with his stature genes and my oldest daughter quickly caught up with me and then passed me at the age of twelve. She is now 13 (for a week) and is two inches taller than me.

It is actually quite useful. She can reach things on the top shelf that I can’t which keeps me from resorting to the “knock it down with a wooden spoon” trick I learned from my Granny.  In addition to her height she also inherited my husband’s large feet and she surpassed me in shoe size six months ago. It is incredible to me how quickly these thirteen years have passed by.  It seems like just a few days ago I was bringing this sweet little baby home.  She had deep dimples, a head full of black hair and big feet.  She’s the one who made me a mom when I was 24 years old.

And now I’m getting close to the big 4-0 and she is a teenager.  Gone are the days of watching Elmo and Blues Clues, replaced with Doctor Who and anime.  My little girl in piggytails and pink now has a pixie haircut and prefers to wear black band t-shirts.  We used to listen to Kidz Bop together and now we discuss classic rock and listen to Fall Out Boy.

annagrace four years old
I thought I’d be struggling more with this.  I’ve always told the girls that I don’t want them to grow up–that I want to have little girls in my house forever.  I was sure I’d be reduced to a puddle of tears as this new era approached.  Her birthday came and went and I realized that I am okay with it.

I’m watching my little baby grow to be an amazing young lady.  She is smart and has a quick wit and a great sense of humor.  She has a huge heart for people and is a wonderful helper. She loves working with the children’s class at church and she sings in the youth group band. She serves our community on Saturdays by handing out meals to those in need.  She also promotes and assists with service projects in her youth group.

Although I miss the days of rocking her to sleep while serenading her with Macy Gray’s “Sweet Baby“, there is a great joy in seeing her grow both physically and spiritually.  I may not ever do anything else right in my life but I have raised one amazing daughter.

And don’t care how tall or how emo she is–she is still my little princess.



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2 thoughts on “My Daughter is 13, I’m Almost 40 and I’m Actually Okay with It

  1. I can so relate. While Gwen has passed me in height and is far from the princess dress up days, we dance in the kitchen almost everyday and share a love for music. She hates drama and is a good judge of character. She has the most beautiful red hair, but recently wanted do dye it which at first upset me, but we made a deal as long as it stayed in the red color range and now she is sporting a dark punk rocky auburn. I recently found a picture of her and our cat that just passed away at 14yrs old they are staring out our back door at the snow. Gwen was probably three or four in a purple princess robe and it made me realize how fast time has passed. My only girl is becoming a young woman and I’m very proud of the young woman she has become. 🙂

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