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Don’t Fix Me {Plaid Dad Blog Guest Post}

Several years ago Coldplay had a popular song called, “Fix You.” Band front man Chris Martin penned this song for his then wife (Gwenyth Paltrow) after the death of her father. Chris sings, “Lights will guide you home…and I will fix you.” I’ll admit that it’s a great song but unfortunately Chris believed like many husbands—that when things are wrong they need to be fixed.

Here’s the thing fellas—we women don’t need you to fix us. We aren’t broken appliances. We are women with our own brains and we are usually able to solve our own problems. When we are having a bad day and we vent to you, we aren’t necessarily asking for your advice. Sometimes, we just need someone to talk to.


READ MORE of this post over at Plaid Dad Blog where I am guest posting today and while you’re there click around and check out some of their hilarious posts!  Did I mention my hubby is one of the Plaid Dads?


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