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A Hip Injury, Weight Gain and My Determination to Run Again

I injured my hip last September.  I’m not really even sure how it happened all I know is one minute I was fine and the next minute I was limping.  This happened the day before Mudderella and I decided to push on through and do the five mile course anyway.

For the next four months I dealt with constant pain and tenderness to my left thigh/hip area.  I had my chiropractor work on it a little bit but I wasn’t getting any results from that.  I tried to keep up with my homeschool girls running group but most practices I had to walk because of the pain when I tried to run.  I walked a 5K in December and have been resting my hip ever since.  No running.  No classes at the gym.  Nothing that required any motion to my hip other than walking.

And I’ve gained weight.  A lot of it.  I’m pretty aggravated by that and it has fueled my depression over the last couple of months.

In January I started working out at the gym again and have been doing a tabata workout designed by my trainer about twice a week.  I’ve done a few days of light cardio but nothing too taxing on my hip.  Last week I decided to try running again just to see how my hip would react.  I was amazed when I was able to complete two miles on the treadmill.  I ran most of it taking one minute breaks every five minutes.  Thankfully my endurance hasn’t suffered too much!

I have decided I’m going to have to commit to a race or two to get myself motivated again.  I feel like I’m starting all over but I’m just going to have to suck it up and do it.  One day I’ll be this girl again.

finding motivation to run
I remember this race.  I felt happy, healthy and was at one of the lowest weights I’d been in years.  I felt confident and proud of myself.  It seems like that was so long ago but I want to have that feeling again.

In April I’m going to run a race on that same course.  I have eight weeks to prepare and I’ll be using this plan from PopSugar as a guide.

walker to runner in eight weeks
 Three days of running each week.  Two days of tabata.  Eight weeks to my first 5k of 2015.  Here we go!


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