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Mudderella Virginia 2014 Race Report

I’ve had “complete a mud run” on my bucket list for awhile and I’m happy to say that I was able to cross it off back in September!  When I heard about the Mudderella race coming to Virginia I was determined to do it.  I asked around on Facebook and found a couple of ladies from church who were interested.  We had a small team of just three of us but it was such a great time!

Mudderella Before

Me, Kathleen and Leah–CrossPointe Muddy Buddies

 The race was located near Lake Anna (about an hour from Richmond).  We drove up the day before and stayed just outside of Richmond at a nice hotel.   Unfortunately I made the reservation through a second party site and they messed up our room.  We had one king bed…and three of us who needed to sleep!  They were able to give us a cot which I volunteered to sleep on.

I was super nervous.  I haven’t been as active lately and definitely haven’t been running as much as usual (due to my schedule plus a bum knee).  I looked up several of the obstacles online the night before so that I could mentally prepare!  The course was just over 5 miles and there were 13 obstacles.

We arrived about an hour before our corral was set to start.  Parking was $10 (if you pre-paid) and bag check was $10 (I have never seen a race charge for bag checks!).  Once we got all that taken care of we headed to the start line for a strength and stretch session to get warmed up.

The crowd was so energetic and I couldn’t wait to get the race started.  Our group took off at 10:20.  The course was not ideal.  It was a large field that had been mowed down and there were branches, twigs, rocks and other pesky things on the trail.  It was very difficult to run as I was afraid the whole time I was going to twist my ankle.  I looked forward to the obstacles!

The first obstacle involved carrying your teammates a short distance.

Mudderella carry
Over the next several miles we waded through a pond, crawled in mud under wires, climbed muddy hills, crawled over walls and then towards the end came the infamous Fifty Shades of Mud.  It was a series of trenches filled with muddy water.  It was physically impossible to get out of these pits without help from others.  What I loved about it was that everyone helped everyone whether they were on your team or not!

fifty shades of mud
Mudderella ropes
There were a few more obstacles before the final rope climb up to a platform and then a long slide to the bottom.  We were so muddy but it was so much fun!

mudderella after 2 Mudderella After
They had make shift yard hose “showers” after.  If you didn’t want to take home your muddy shoes you could leave them to be donated (which I did).  We got changed and decided to get on the road and stop for a bite to eat on the way home.  We had my traditional post-race Mexican meal afterwards.

It was a great weekend and I was proud of myself for sticking with it.  I wanted to back out so many times but I did it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to better train and prepare before my next mud run.  I’d definitely do Mudderella again and I’m hoping this year to have an even larger team join me!

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