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8 Awesome Children’s Books About France

This year we are studying countries around the world using My Father’s World curriculum.  Every couple of weeks we travel to a new country and learn about the people, land, food, customs, and religion.  We loved studying France.  We made paper Eiffel towers, ate crepes and watched Madeline and Beauty and the Beast.  I scour the library each month looking for great books that fit our topic.  Here are eight of our favorite children’s books about France!

8 Awesome Childrens Books About France

Look What Came From France by Miles Harvey

Did you know that ballet, Braille and wallpaper were invented in France?  Learn about French food, inventions, arts, fashion and more in this book for kids.  There are a couple of easy recipes included as well as a glossary and a short French language lesson.  This was one of our favorite books during our study of France.

The Wild Boy by Mordicai Gerstein


My girls were fascinated by this book which is based on a true story.  The Wild Boy is about a small boy who was found living in the wild in the mountain forests of France.  No one knew where he came from and when found he was naked and unable to speak.  He was studied by scientists and scholars all over France and was brought to Paris in the hopes of being able to teach him how to speak and how to behave like a human.   This was a fascinating story and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Fartiste by Boris Kulikov

I checked this book out from the library because I knew my husband would have a great time reading it to my daughters!  It is based on the true story of Joseph Pujal who was known as Fartiste.  He was a real person who lived in France in the late 1800s.  He was able to pass gas on command and made a living “performing” at shows all over France.  Eyewitnesses told that they had never seen an audience laughing so hard as they did at this man.  There was much laughter from my husband and children over this book as well!

Other books we enjoyed about France:

France ABCs by Sharon Katz Cooper
The Cat Who Walked Across France by Kate Banks
Crepes by Suzette by Monica Wellington
My First French Words by Katy Kudela
Belinda in Paris by Amy Young

I’ll be sharing more of our favorite books about countries from around the world soon. Our favorite countries so far have been Mexico and France. I’m anxiously awaiting our India studies, Annagrace is excited about Japan and Madalyn can’t wait to get to Russia!

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  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing. I can’t believe I just placed a request for the Fartise book! Crazy. LOL : ) Have you posted again about your book finds from your around the world studies? I would love to follow!

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