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How to Lose Six Pounds in 24 Hours

Last week I lost six pounds overnight.  No joke!  Although I did have a little help from something called the stomach bug.  Apparently it’s spreading like wildfire down in these parts and my oldest daughter and I both took one for the team.  I haven’t been that sick in many, many years.  Who needs an Advocare cleanse when you can just catch a stomach bug?

So after my overnight miraculous six pound loss, I managed to rehydrate and start eating again and I put most of those back on.  Today I felt like going back to the gym and my hubs and I did a new workout our trainer put together.  We are really enjoying Joanna’s tabata workouts.  Aaron likes to complain but I know he secretly likes it.

After our first month back to working out we managed to both gain two pounds.  What the what?  I think a birthday, plus Valentine’s Day, plus, well let’s just be honest:  bad eating choices contributed to those pounds!  Although we aren’t seeing success on the scale we are seeing really great gains in our endurance and abilities.  I definitely feel stronger.  My health problems have almost completely subsided (a big prayer answered!) and we are both running again.  Yeah for NON-SCALE victories!

It’s been a crazy week around here and I’m ready for all of us to feel back to normal.  And I’m ready for Spring to come and hopefully wipe out some of this sickness floating around.  Has your family been hit with the flu or the stomach bug this winter?  If not, say your sweet prayers that you are spared from it and load up on the hand sanitizer!



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