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How to Have a Healthy, Christ-Centered Easter (When All Your Kids Want are Peeps)

Having a healthy Easter is easier than you may think.  Your kid’s Easter baskets don’t have to be all about peanut butter eggs and chocolate bunnies.  With a little planning your family can have a Christ centered and healthy Easter.  No Peeps needed!

I always say that I’ve made most of my parenting mistakes with my firstborn.  Unfortunately she was the one that had to deal with all our naivety and inexperience.  We definitely didn’t know what we were doing when her first Easter came around.  If I could go back in time a dozen years or so I would ban the Easter Bunny from our house.  I rue the day I let that six foot tall floppy eared rascally rabbit into this house.

Our Savior, Jesus, hung on a cross, bled and died.  The earth shook.  The veil was torn.  He lay in a tomb for three days.  Then, the chasm between God and Man was no more when Jesus arose and walked out of that tomb. That is amazing!  Jesus defeated death!  And we’ve reduced the importance of that historical event to a holiday about a mutated bunny rabbit who sneaks into our homes and leaves us colorful eggs.

That is messed up.

This post isn’t about the rightness or wrongness of the Easter Bunny.  He still visits our house every year.  However the last few years his importance has diminished as we’ve focused more on our Savior.  This year the “Easter Bunny” will be choosing items that will help my girls to learn more about Jesus.  Instead of receiving baskets filled with sugary candy and toys (that they don’t need) they will wake up and find a few healthy treats and items that will help them focus on Jesus.

Here are some ideas for filling your kids Easter baskets:

Christ Focused Easter Basket Ideas

We absolutely love this book.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  The illustrations are beautiful and the book shows how every single story in the Bible point to Jesus.

Layla and I reviewed the Easter sticker book and she absolutely loved it!  She will probably be finding more of these books in her basket this year.

Tales of Glory makes these adorable playsets and they are very reasonably priced.  They have the Nativity, Noah and the Ark, the Apostles on the Galilee boat, Jesus walking on water, David and Goliath and a whole lot more!  These are great for teaching little ones Bible stories.  It has certainly come a long way since flannel graph!

This book has gotten excellent reviews and I’m looking forward to adding it to my teen’s book collection.  It offers an easy to understand overview of the Bible by sharing the major theme, characters and key events of every single book. Hmm.  I may need to buy the adult version for myself!

 I love these adorable scripture cell phone cases.  They would be perfect for a tween or teen with an iPod or cell phone.

Our God Is - Wrapped Canvas Print
I love this canvas print from Dayspring.

Share Peace - Scripture Shareables - 32 Card Set

And these scripture cards (also from Dayspring) are a great way for your teen to share her faith with her friends.

Lisa Leonard - Let Your Light Shine Bracelet

Lisa Leonard - By Grace Alone Necklace

If you have a daughter who likes jewelry, check out Lisa Leonard’s beautiful faith based jewelry collection.

My daughter has a lamb like this and I have always loved it.  This is such a sweet gift for a newborn or infant.  It plays “Jesus Loves Me.”

My girls can never seem to have enough sidewalk chalk!  I love these adorable chalk eggs.

Healthy Easter Treats

Of course no Easter basket is complete without a few treats.  Here are a few healthier options, both homemade and purchased:

  • Whole New Mom has a huge list of healthy Easter treats to make.  Healthy Cadbury eggs? Yes, please!
  • A gift card for frozen yogurt–the perfect treat on these warmer Spring days!


What will your kids be getting in their baskets this year?  I’d love a few more ideas to add to my list!



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10 thoughts on “How to Have a Healthy, Christ-Centered Easter (When All Your Kids Want are Peeps)

  1. We always try and do a mix– some candy, some practical items that they may need in the coming months (flip flops, sunglasses– this year it may actually be bathing suits and swim shirts— the elastic in the “hand me downs” is pretty shot- hahahaa— etc), and then also items or activities about Jesus and the meaning of Easter. (The above aren’t listed in order of importance 😉 ) . We have done coloring books, chalk, The Easter Story books etc. Not sure which exact items will be included this year- but I’m loving some of the ones on your list 🙂

    1. I love the idea of some practical “summer” items! One year we did an outdoor play basket with a kite, chalk, plastic golf set, etc. Great ideas!

  2. Just an FYI: all the links in this article are going to another one of your blog posts rather than the products you tried to link them to. Not sure exactly why that might be happening, but wanted to let you know. — Aside from that, amazing post! I don’t have little ones, but I know how commercialized Easter and Christmas have become and I’m thrilled that you were able to find so many great examples of religious gifts that are more appropriate for those that would like to tone down the commercialism of the holiday.

    One thing I will say, though. With all your children’s classmates are having visits from giant rabbits, it’s probably better to do it this way. Keep the widespread tradition, but incorporate your own values and make it your own.

    Great post!

  3. The grandparents have always thought that I was mean, but I’ve always banned the Easter bunny from our home. I just always thought Easter was too serious a holiday to spend a lot of time focused on bunnies and chickens.

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