Thank Goodness for Unschooling

I’m not gonna lie–if it wasn’t for the philosophy of unschooling I’d consider this school year close to a flop.  We’re not 100% unschoolers but life has been busy lately and some weeks traditional homeschooling just hasn’t been my priority.  On those weeks I remind myself frequently that life is about learning and that even though we don’t have books open doing worksheets, the girls are still getting an education.

It seems like whenever I am getting down on myself about “not doing enough” homeschooling, the girls find a way to show me they are learning.  Recently, Layla said,  “Mama, look!  I made an Eiffel Tower!” and when I looked I found this:

layla eiffel tower
So apparently she really was listening when we were studying France!

Last night, Madalyn read the subtitles on a scene from Star Wars to her sister and I smiled as I realized that not only is she reading now, but she is reading well.  I’ve listened in some of Anngrace’s political discussions with her dad lately–she knows more about the government at 13 than I know at 30 something.

Yes, they are learning all the time even when we aren’t sitting around a table following a textbook.

Soon they will take their end of the year tests and then we will start preparing for next year.  I’m so thankful for the NCHE Thrive! Conference because it give me the encouragement and the motivation to get through another year.

I love looking ahead at the schedule and planning out which sessions I want to attend.  A few that I have on my list for this year include:

  • Debbie Mason:  Homeschooling High School
  • Brian Wasko:  The Most Interesting Discussion of Grammar in the History of the World
  • J. Mark Fox:  How to Raise Kids to Be Best Friends
  • Matthew McDill:  How to Stop the Fighting in Your Home

I’ll be a featured blogger again this year and I’m excited that Aaron and Christian–the Plaid Dads–are on board with us as well.  We’ll be tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebooking throughout the conference.  If you enjoy watching those two and their crazy video shenanigans you do NOT want to miss out on what they’re doing at the conference.

And speaking of the Plaid Dads, be sure to stop over at Plaid Dad Blog this week and sign up to win a FREE NCHE Conference Registration valued at $85!




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