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27 Years and Counting: My New Kids on the Block Obsession

Picture it:  eastern North Carolina, 1988.  I’m eleven years old and enjoying the local radio station’s Hot 9 at 9 as I thumb through my new copy of TigerBeat. My stuffed animals are carefully arranged on my bed as I lie down and look up at my glossy poster of Kirk Cameron.

And then…it happens.  A song comes on the radio and in just 4 minutes and 23 seconds I am hooked for life.  The song?  “Please Don’t Go Girl”  I soon learn that the band is a group of young boys from Boston:   Jordan.  Joe.  Jonathan.  Donnie.  Danny.  New Kids on the Block.  It’s love at first listen!

 In the years that follow I become completely obsessed.  (Goodbye, Kirk!)  My walls get covered in posters, my allowance is all spent on merchandise:  dolls, comic books, sheets, hats, t-shirts, a lunchbox, buttons.  I even become the ultimate NKOTB fan and join their exclusive fan club.  Oh yes, I sure did love those five boys.

My mother then made my entire childhood by taking me to see them in concert.  Twice. Because I have the world’s best mother.  She also let me call their 1-900 line three times.  Word.   (Check out Joe’s cordless phone–love it!)

But it was all over too quickly.  The group broke up and went their separate ways.  I won’t lie.  There were some tears shed (even though by that time I was deep into grunge music).  There were attempts to get them back together but it never materialized.  I kept up with their individual careers.  I adored Jordan’s solo albums.  I squealed with excitement when Donnie appeared in The Sixth Sense.  And then Jordan was on the Surreal Life and Joe was on Broadway.  I loved seeing them but I dreamed of the day when my beloved boy band would reunite.

Fast forward twenty years to 2008.  I’m a grown married woman with two children, a mortgage, a car payment and a full time job.  And I hear a rumor:  the Kids are getting back together.  Really?  Dare I believe it?  I’ve been waiting TWENTY years to hear those words.  Could it really be true?

And lo and behold, the boys–well, men–appear on The Today Show and announce a reunion tour!  Life.  Made.

nkotb 2008
I called up my BBF (Best Blockhead Friend) Stephanie and we immediately made plans for a girls trip to see them in D.C. in October 2008 for the New Kids on the Block: Live tour.  Reliving my childhood and screaming like a 13 year old girl?  Priceless.

me and steph before NKOTB 2008

So then Steph and I went to see them again in Richmond in 2009 for the Full Service tour.  Our seats were absolutely amazing–about fifteen rows back.  I took my oldest daughter (her first concert) and secretly my youngest daughter (who was a mere fetus in my womb).


Great seats, terrible camera!

A few years went by.  The Kids tour with Backstreet Boys (and I sadly had to miss that show because:  money).  And then they announced The Package tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men in 2013.  I took my middle daughter.

me and madalyn 2 NKOTB acoustic
 And then last week, I went to see my boys for the sixth time for The Main Event tour with Nelly and TLC.  Again, with my BBF Stephanie.

The show was in Norfolk which is about twenty minutes from Steph’s house.  We had the best seats we’ve ever had.  I couldn’t believe it when Steph told me we got fourth row!  Unfortunately we were not on the main floor BUT we were only one section back.  It.  Was.  Incredible!  Especially when Danny came out into the crowd and we got to touch him!  Ahhhh!  The 13 year old girl inside of me nearly fainted!


Jordan–my favorite, always and forever.


Smiles for days.

It just gets better and better every time I see them. I know people don’t understand my obsession with these men. Unless you’re a Blockhead you probably just don’t get it. I’m just thankful for a husband who understands tolerates it (and who hands over his car keys AND gives me $100 to spend on myself at the concert!) and doesn’t complain when I tell him I’m going to see them . . . again.

nkotb pin 2
And I’m thankful for my Best Blockhead Friend, Stephanie who is always willing to drop a chunk of change with me for great tickets and who screams her head off with me each and every time. Can’t wait for VIP one day, girl!

nkotb pin

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