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I’m joining up with some other bloggers this month for the Verified Mom Blog Challenge Network.  The goal is to post daily (or at least more frequently) during the month of July.  I tend to get a little quiet around here in the summer because our family is out having so much fun!  I loved the idea and I love the writing prompts provided to us.  I’m giving it a go and today’s first challenge is introduce yourself.

summer blogging challenge
If you’re new here I’ll give you the quick run down of how SHM came about.  Back in 2011 I decided I was tired of yo-yo dieting and I was tired of being tired!   I had three girls who were growing up so fast and there was so much that I wanted to be able to do with them but my weight was stopping me.  I was almost 230 pounds, was completely miserable, and I finally reached my last straw.

I started going to the gym and taking classes, placed second in a weight loss challenge there, and then started running.  Over the next couple of years I ran numerous 5Ks, two half marathons and a mud run.

mud run
I started this blog to keep myself accountable and to share my journey to being a healthy mama. I’ve had struggles–like the time I thought I was Karem Abdul Jabar and ended up on crutches for a few days.  But there’s been so many good things.

My first employee health screening when all my numbers improved.

That time when I placed third in my gym’s weight loss challenge and won $50.

And then I started training for and completed my first 5K.

I was super proud when I completed my first double digit run while preparing for my first half marathon.

It’s been quite a ride and it hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies.  Thanks to some medication (and some laziness on my part) I have gained back over half of the 50 pounds I lost.  I’m working hard to lose it again.  I don’t sugar coat anything (literally, or figuratively!) and you’ll see me share it all here.

In addition to sharing about my journey, I also talk about encouraging healthy habits with your kids.  I’ve got my oldest daughter coming to the gym with me and my two oldest daughters have both completed several 5k races.  We eat healthy, clean foods most of the time and we consider treats to really be treats.  I’m not always perfect and I won’t ever pretend to be so don’t be surprised if you see my child eating ice cream or Chick-Fil-A fries.  It’s all about moderation and that’s what I’m teaching my children.

kids running
And finally, when I’m not posting about health and running and fitness and all that jazz, I post about our homeschooling life, our foster care to adoption journey, and whatever book I happen to be reading at the moment.

If you’re new then I hope you’ll stick around, comment and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!  I’m most active on Insta!

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2 thoughts on “About Simply Healthy Mama

  1. Hey Laura!
    Nice to “Meet” Ya! I love these challenges and I love meeting other bloggers in general! I think it is totally awesome that you put your self out here and flat out say that it isn’t all butterflies and that you are still trying! I need to do a bit better with eating and exercise myself- I have a horrid salt -tooth and I rarely am active. I was doing rather well last summer when I had a fit bit but then it went crazy and I never did get back into things! I def. want to read your article about foster-adoption because after being 8 years into being married I don’t think that it is going to happen for us to have kids the old fashioned way! I mean love my fur babes but would love a human one too 🙂 I hope to get to know you more as the challenge goes along!

  2. Hi Laura! I am so glad you are taking part in the blog challenge and it is VERY nice to meet you! I am currently trying to lose weight as well and started Weight Watchers about 9-10 weeks ago and have lost 11 pounds. I still have plenty to go but it’s all in the journey, right? If you need to vent about it, I’m always there to listen cause I’m in the same boat! I commend you for doing all the running… I hate running and avoid it at all costs! 🙂

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