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Foster Care & Adoption Q&A

My hubby and I are still new to the foster care/adoption life but we love to share our experience and we love to educate others on the foster care process.  We recently asked our friends on Facebook if they had questions for us about foster care and we were blown away by the response!

We decided to do a Facebook Live video to answer the questions we received.  Some of the questions we answered are:

  • Can I be a foster parent if I am single?
  • How much does foster care cost?
  • What is the process to be approved?
  • What if you get a child who has more needs than you anticipated?
  • What do you do if you feel called to adopt but your spouse does not?

We had some technical difficulties so it is one session split into two different videos.




We will be sharing more videos about foster care and adoption soon.  Be sure to like my blog Facebook page and/or follow me on Instagram to get notifications about when we are going live again!

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