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I’ve been blogging for over ten years now.  That’s crazy to me.  Back when I started I only had two girls and it was really just a way to keep my family up to date on what was going on in our lives.  Before I had this little space, I had a personal blog, a photography business blog, and a money-saving tips blog.

When I started Simply Healthy Mama (which was Simply Healthy Life for a short time) it was a journal of the ins and outs of my weight loss.  If you’ve followed me any length of time you know that like most Americans, I struggle with weight gain, and loss, and gain again.  I’m currently up in weight more than I like.  But you know what?  Right now, in this moment, I’m okay with that.

Right now, my life is filled with just simply being a mama to my five children.  It’s filled with learning how to parent my foster sons while still giving attention and love to my three biological girls.  It’s filled with balancing (or attempting to balance) a job, homeschooling, my hubby’s two jobs, being an adviser for our homeschool yearbook and growing our home-based business.

Being healthy in all aspects of my life is still important to me–it just isn’t the only important thing.  I don’t want to pigeon hole myself into only blogging about “healthy” things.  I want to blog about foster care and my faith and traveling and raising daughters and raising sons and what it’s like to be a transracial family.  I don’t want to constantly be thinking about how every post can relate to something healthy.  And so I am once again, changing things up and rebranding.

Sure I’ll still post about running (when I finally get back to it) and I’ll still share about detoxing my home of chemicals and how I feed my family when I’m following the Whole 30 but I want this blog to be about so much more.

So I’m saying goodbye to Simply HEALTHY Mama and hello to Simply Mama.  A blog about just that–simply being a mama.

Thanks loyal readers for hanging in there with me.  I appreciate you stopping in and reading and commenting more than you know.

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1 thought on “Simply. Mama.

  1. I love your blog. It inspires me to be a writer. You see I’ve tried the whole blog thing and well I guess it wasn’t really for ME. I have a passion for so many things that I just couldn’t stay on topic and I was all over the place. Your blog is so easy to read and I enjoy hearing the truth and honesty from someone that struggles with day to day things like the rest of norm folks.

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