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Home Reading Program

As a child, one thing I always loved about summer was the chance to read whatever I wanted.  No more assigned books, papers to write about those books, or quizzes to take on those books.  Nope.  I could just read whatever I wanted to read to my heart’s content!

This I currently have one child who is a reluctant reader, one budding reader, and two littles who haven’t even started recognizing letters yet.  We always sign up for the summer reading program at the library but this year we’ll also be doing our own reading program at home.

Home Reading Program
The kids earn one sticker for each day that they read at least twenty minutes (and reading to their young siblings also counts!) and every fifteen days they earn a prize.

Some ideas for prizes include:

  • a few dollars and a trip to the Dollar Store
  • an ice cream cone from McDonald’s
  • a snowcone at our favorite snowcone place
  • a new book (Ollie’s is my favorite place for cheap books)
  • a trip to the park
  • an afternoon at the indoor trampoline place
  • pizza and a movie night (their choice of movie)

If you’re interested in reading along with us, just click on the picture below to download the pdf and print it!

Summer Reading Log Checklist

Happy Reading!

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