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Adoption has been on my heart for a long time.  I developed a love for orphans while studying abroad in college.  Seeing homeless and family-less kids in the Indian train station broke my heart.  Aaron and I started talking about adoption before we were married but it was put on the back burner once we started having biological children.

A couple of years ago we decided to start praying to see if this was where God was leading us.  It took years to get to the point where we could say, “Yes, Lord.  We will do this.”  I’ll be posting the timeline of all the ins and outs of our journey from paperwork to meetings to preparing our home and hopefully one day, our gotcha day!  We would love to have your support through prayer throughout this process. We are very excited and can not wait to see what God has in store for us!

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  • Received a call from our case worker, scheduled first home interview


  • Took Obi for vet appointment to discuss his anxiety and get their opinion on our adoption plans.  Cost:  $120 (including $35 for his pheremone collar)



  • Yearly physical exams for Madalyn and Layla (required)
  • Received official invitation to start MAPP (foster care training) classes


  • First MAPP Class, 9am-4pm


  • Replaced deadbolts on side door and back door (our deadbolts required a key to lock them which would have not passed a fire inspection)  $42
  • Yearly physical for Annagrace and TB skin tests for all three girls (required)


  • Second MAPP Class, 9am-4pm


  • Contacted social worker with questions; received response that she is ready to schedule our second home interview; told us we may go ahead and mail in our criminal background check paperwork

4/18/15 and 4/25/15

  • Third and Fourth MAPP Classes, 9am-4pm


  • Final MAPP Class including medication class.  Received certificate of completion!


  • Aaron and I had our fingerprints taken for our criminal background check.  (No cost–thanks to a retired cop friend!)


  • Obtained certified copy of marriage certificate.  Cost:  $10
  • Second home social worker visit


  • Last in home social worker visit


  • PPA complete, meeting at CHS office to sign final paperwork


  • Social worker needs at new vehicle registration as mine is expired.  Unfortunately I am unable to find it and have to request an additional registration from the state.  Cost: $15


  • Second fire inspection completed and we PASSED!  Cost:  $50
  • PPA submitted to the state!


  • Delivered completed profile book to CHS office


  • Sent e-mail to request info about a child (four year old girl) on but unable to receive any information until license is approved


  • PPA still under review.  Still waiting!


  • Receive e-mail from our social worker that our license was approved!  YIPPEE!  I had been praying that we would be licensed before Thanksgiving and we made it the day before.


  • Receive info about a local four day old needing placement.  Aaron and I are hesitant considering the situation but return the call to get more information.  Find out infant has already been placed with a family
  • E-mailed again about little girl on, find out she has already been placed with her forever family


  • Decide to request a revision to our license to increase our foster child capacity to two and tell social worker that we are willing to accept a boy


  • Case worker sends info about a local two boy sibling group who need placement for adoption


  • Tell case worker that we are interested in more information
  • Find out that the case is still “very open” but there is another family who is also interested


  • Meet Little Man, his foster mom and foster grandmother, and his DSS social worker at the CHS Christmas party


  • Notify case worker that YES we are interested and would like to pursue adopting both boys!  DSS social worker states she will arrange to bring the youngest child over for a visit at our home after Christmas.
  • And now we WAIT some more


  • Met baby boy for the first time during a home visit with his DSS social worker and our case worker


  • Baby boy moved in with us permanently


  • Little Man moved in with us permanently



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