race reports

I started running in 2011 to aid in my weight loss.  It was hard.  I jiggled everywhere.  I felt uncomfortable and a little bit ridiculous.  But I kept going and going and going.  A year later I ran my first half marathon.  What?  Me?  A half-marathoner?  I never thought that would happen!

I love doing races and my hubby and my daughters have picked it up as well.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my healthier habits having a positive effect on my children!



7/16/11:     Historic Beaufort Road Race 5K, 40:40

10/23/11:   Pink Ribbon Run 5K, 40:07

11/06/11:   Boys and Girls Club 5K, 38:18

12/04/11:   Reindeer Dash for Cash 5K, 39:20


3/17/12:     Habitat Home 5K, 36:40

4/22/12:     Flying Pirate Half Marathon, 2:54:04

5/19/12:     Bright Night 5K, 34:35

12/03/12:   Reindeer Dash for Cash 5K, 36:13


1/25/13:     Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K, treadmill 36:58

2/09/13:     Cupid Crawl (did not run–injured)

3/23/13:     Habitat 5K Run, 33:21

4/06/13:     Hamstring Hustle 5K, 33:06 (PR)

4/06/13:     Bunny Chase Race (I didn’t race but all my girls did!)

4/14/13:     Flying Pirate Half Marathon, 2:52:49 (PR)

5/18/13:     Bright Night 5K, 35:16

10/12/13:   Stop Human Trafficking Now 5K, 36:17

12/08/13:   Reindeer Dash for Cash 5K, 47:16, completed with Madalyn


4/26/14:     Tonight, Yes, Tonight 5K, 37:48

5/10/14:     1st Christian Church Glow Run (not timed, just a fun run)

9/20/14:     Mudderella

12/07/14:   Reindeer Dash for Cash 5K (Walked and completed with Madalyn)


6/24/17:  Autism Walk/Run 5K  40:29